The Festival of Art and Independent Games LAG, also called the Summer Academy of Games, has been planned for four years. From October 2015 to September 2019. Every year, at the universities in Cieszyn, Trnava and Ostrava, and within these cities, five events are organized to gather everyone interested in the process of creating games. These events are:

  1. LAG ARENA competition – an international competition for game concepts and design adressed to secondary schools.
  2. LAG GAME JAM workshops– international, five-day workshop (game jam) for students studying fields and specialties related to game design at universities participating in the project, as well as the best high school students participating in the LAG Arena competition.
  3. LAG EDU Conference– an international conference with the participation of experts connected with the gaming, new media and visual arts market.
  4. LAG FESTIVAL– a games festival featuring one-day presentations of games independent of the general public.
  5. LAG MUSIC concerts– two evening concerts that form the culmination of the Festival. The first concert always presents electronic music related to the subject of games and new media, such as the soundtracks of iconic games, VJs, independent stage artists.


In addition, in individual editions of the LAG Festival, meetings of lovers of games and fantasy entertainment are organized in the form of a convention of players (LAG Con) as well as meetings and exhibitions.