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LAG EDU Conference – is an international conference with the participation of experts connected with the gaming market, new media and visual arts market. The aim of the conference is to bring closer the the general public creative processes, technical and technological assumptions necessary to create games During the conference takes place also a presentation of the best games created by students and pupils during the LAG ARENA contest and LAG GAME JAM workshops. The conference is also an opportunity to meet industry experts and artists in the field of new media.

An integral part of the conference is LAG FESTIVAL which is a presentations of independent games to the general public and the new media fairs on a local scale. The presentation includes invited independent artists, graduates of fields related to game design, all teams participating in the LAG Game Jam, as well as the best projects of high school students selected during the LAG Arena. Presentations take place on a specially prepared stage. At the end of the Festival, out of the presented games and creative works, there are chosen a game project, which was most enjoyed by the audience of the LAG Festival and the best game project according to experts.




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