Edition 2015/16

Time limit: 10th of December 2015 – 20th of June 2016

Stage I: 10th of December 2015 – 18th of March 2016
Stage II: 21st of March 2016   – 6th of May 2016
Stage III: 9th   of May – 20th of June 2016


Labyrinth is the archetype known all over the world and we can find it in almost all cultures. Symbols of labyrinth/ maze as rock carvings we can find in the caves. Labyrinth can also inspires contemporary artists, executing their projects in various disciplines such as architecture, film, theatre, artwork, video games, land art or garden design.

The project can refer to specific existing labyrinth of literary or film work but it also must be original and made by the author / authors by themselves.

How to take part in the Competition

  1. Send work after logging in. (website lagfestival.us.edu.pl)
  2. Titles of attached files should contain the name of the competition, the author and the name of the work.
  3. Add a brief description of chosen interpretation of the theme. Maximum of 50 words that tell what the work represents.
  4. During realization of project, it is necessary to present images of the next steps (drafts etc.)
  5. During creating a new thread in the Attached Files, click on the Manage attachments. Next In the window that opens, click the Browse button and select an image from disk.
  6. After selecting the appropriate image click send.
  7. Contact us if there are any problems or if You have any question, E-mail: anna.smolarek@us.edu.pl
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